• Since this is such a delightfully short course, there are only two divisions for the tournament – Men’s & Women’s. Each will have Gross and Net awards. Yardage for the Men’s Division is about 5,000. Yardage for the Women’s Division is about 4,500.
  • The Winter Park Golf Course is primarily a walking course and pull carts will be provided at no cost to all tournament players. A few riding carts are available but must be reserved in advance with the pro shop for an extra charge. The WPHC tournament can not promise that enough riding carts will be available.
  • Distance measuring devices of any kind are not allowed during the tournament. Lasers, cell phone golf apps, fancy GPS watches, talking hat clips and the like should not be worn or even brought out of your car. Anyone using such devices will be disqualified from the competition.
  • Only hickory-shafted clubs approved for play by the Society of Hickory Golfers may be used.
  • Any USGA approved ball is legal for play, as well McIntyre Replica Golf balls and the Classic.
  • Traditional hickory golf clothing is strongly encouraged. BASEBALL HATS and SHORTS are forbidden. Have some pride.
  • No gimmes, no mulligans, no rolling the ball. Unless otherwise announced, we play the ball down.
  • Every ball must be holed out and your full score must be recorded for every hole. It’s a tournament.
  • The standard Hickory Root Rule is in effect. If a player’s swing is impeded by a root, he/she can take the nearest point of relief no closer to the hole with no penalty. If a tree or bush impedes the swing in addition to a root, then the Root Rule can not be used. Instead, the standard rule for an Unplayable Lie should be used with a one stroke penalty.
  • There will be a hard card at the event to cover local rules.
  • Questions? Contact Bill Geisler at hickorybill1@gmail.com


Please download the linked entry form below, fill it out and return it with a check for the amount of your total entry fees. This year, you have the option of signing up for the full two-day event or either day. Entering the event means you’ve read the rules listed above and agree to follow them.