2020 Winter Park Hickory Classic

It was three glorious days of fun enjoyed by all. You should have been there! The weather was wonderful, the food was fabulous and the course was unusually difficult, with tricky pin placement courtesy of the event director, Bill Geisler. Just check out the scores below!

You can view and download photos of the event by heading over here.

The event was three 9 hole rounds with a par 35, or par 105 for the entire event. Players could only win in one division with the Open Division Results taking priority.

In addition to the results below, Richard Boggs won the event’s CAREER ROUND AWARD with a 28 (-7). The CAREER ROUND combined his best scores for each hole over all three rounds.

1Tim Anderson109 (+4)1st Place
2Erik Fretland114 (+9)2nd Place
3Jim Wilhelm120 (+15)3rd Place
T4Mike Stevens121 (+16)
T4David Webster121 (+16) 
6Frank Flood121 (+16)
7Richard Boggs125 (+20) 
T8Tom McCrary127 (+22)
T8Ross McLean127 (+22)
10Mike Tracy133 (+28)
T11David Dunigan136 (+31)
T11Brian Schuman136 (+31)
T11David Shultz136 (+31)
T14Craig Coy137 (+32)
T14Jim Davis137 (+32) 
T14Rich Grula137 (+32)
17Ben Bernacki139 (+34)
18Matt Hardisty142 (+37)
19Tad Moore143 (+38)
20Gunnar Eriksson145 (+40)
21JJ Jackson147 (+42)
Wally ArmstrongW/D
Rick EldridgeW/D
Will PetersonW/D
T1Richard Boggs110 (+5)1st Place Net 
T1Erik Fretland110 (+5)  
T3Tim Anderson112 (+7)  
T3David Webster112 (+7)2nd Place Net 
5Jim Davis113 (+8)3rd Place Net 
6Jim Wilhelm117 (+12)  
T7Ross McLean118 (+13)
T7David Shultz118 (+13)
9Frank Flood119 (+14)
10Mike Stevens124 (+19)
T11Craig Coy125 (+20)
T11Rich Grula125 (+20)
T11Tad Moore125 (+20)
T14Tom McCrary127 (+22)
T14David Dunigan127 (+22)
T14Gunnar Eriksson127 (+22)
17Mike Tracy128 (+23)
18JJ Jackson135 (+30)
T19Ben Bernacki136 (+31)
T19Matt Hardisty136 (+31)
21Brian Schuman139 (+34)
Natalie Wells130 (+15)103 (-2)1st Place Gross
Marci Likens141 (+36)123 (+18)1st Place Net


The Inaugural Winter Park Hickory Classic is in the books and the winners are finding places for their trophies right now. It was a fabulous weekend for all, with a great kickoff party Friday Night, 18 holes of hickory golf on Saturday, another nine holes on Sunday and a final Awards Party Sunday afternoon. The big winners are shown below and the rest are on the Results Page.

Tim Anderson (L) – Open Champion & Richard Boggs (R) – Net Champion
Natalie Wells (L) Open Champion & Marci Likens (R) Net Champion
He careered it! Richard Boggs (L) took home the inaugural Career Round Award with a combined best score per hole over the three rounds of 28 (-7)!